About EBTS

Our Mission:
To provide our clients with personal knowledge and customized itineraries tailored to their specifications. We invite you to experience the passion we bring to you the traveler, as we share our stories and memories.

The principals of EBTS: Elena Borrero:
EBTS founder, Elena, is a native of Italy and a lifelong globetrotter. She studied fashion in college at LIM in Manhattan, but after graduation and a month-long vacation in her beloved town of Diamante, Italy she decided to pursue her passion and enter the travel industry.

After the years of experience of working with large travel companies, Elena launched EBTS in May of 2003, with the mission of assisting her clients in creating vacations as memorable as the many trips that she has personally enjoyed.

"I truly put my heart and soul into each and every itinerary that I plan for my clients. I love to speak of my experiences to my clients such as type of foods I tasted, things I have seen, or the adventures that I have embarked on. This is my passion and who I amů"

Also a native of Italy and an avid traveler, Christine originally worked in the banking industry. The untimely passing of her husband provided the impetus for Christine to re-evaluate the course of her life. Remembering her husband's loving support of her dreams, Christine chose to realize her vision of sharing her passion for travel with others.

Christine worked in a large travel agency, where she met Elena. Soon after Elena established EBTS, she invited Christine to join her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Some of Christine's favorite locales include South Africa, Italy, and the Caribbean. She is the only travel agent in New Jersey certified by the South Africa Tourism bureau.

I feel so strongly about my memories and what I shared with my husband. I want each of my clients to also experience those unforgettable memories as I did."

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